We Are StrongER Because of Our Teachers


Marlene McAlevey (29-year veteran, who taught what she calls "delicious kids" in 1st and 2nd grade at Hillcrest, 2nd and 3rd grade at Fleetwood, and 5th and 6th grade at Eldorado): East Ramapo gave my own children an exceptional education. My children went on to go to some of the best colleges in our country. They were schooled not only by their exceptional teachers, but by the ability to interact with other students who came from diverse backgrounds. Just the other day as we watched the Thanksgiving Day parade, I recalled the year the Spring Valley High (East Ramapo) Band marched...They were a prize winning group.  It saddens me greatly that this gem of a school district has been destroyed.


Pictured to the left (from L to R) are supporters Betty Fishman (35 years at Eldorado, starting in 1970), Lynne Bearman (29-year veteran), Audrey Paley (33-year veteran), Gloria Eichenberg (35-year veteran of Hillcrest, Margetts and Eldorado).  Betty Fishman writes, "All of us are very upset by the deterioration of a once productive school system.  A school system that not only produced professionals, but also artists and musicians.  A school system that catered to all and brought each student to the best that they could be.  A school system that recognized all kinds of intelligences and encouraged creative thinking.  We are all saddened by the lack of opportunity presently offered by the once brilliant school district.  The students deserve the opportunities that their predecessors were guaranteed!  We grieve the loss of the "American Dream" here.  I, myself, am a product of that dream!"

We also thank Amy Condit (Eldorado), Beth Duitz (22-year veteran of Eldorado), and Anna Reduce (Eldorado) for their support of StrongER.

We Are StrongER Because of Our Community


Sasha Bunchuk - I have owned LeCamp and Champion Day Camp on West Clarkstown Road since 1978.  Thousands of families have experienced great summers at my camp.  To see what has happened in this community is so heartbreaking it's beyond words.  I'd be happy to assist in any way to bring some sanity to this situation.  Sasha is now working to organize other East Ramapo day camp owners to support StrongER's efforts as well.